A tundu giraus in su noti e consumaus ‘e su fogu seus


The Box

As being in a space-time gate, the guest is led to a brand new sensory dimension thanks to an experience linked to sound, sight, touch and smell, which transforms into a whirl of experiential knowledge and a new way to spread information.

The Sensegration Box is the opposite of a sensory deprivaion room. When the guest goes inside, the music starts and the lights turn on thanks to a motion sensor. In this way the guest himself will experience an inevitable observation and listening event.

The box become the structural basis to display artistic works, making them alive and active and making the guest dive in new worlds interconnected along with the artistic work.

Inside The Box

Sardinia, beautiful and wild island, colourful and full of tradition. Such magnificence is in contrast with the many problems of it. The anguish, a sneaky feeling always around the corner, even in pleasant moments, just walks alongside the beauty of our territory. Sukicastiat, an entity dressed up with Sardinian traditional costume and with an ancient mask, represents the undefined future of Sardinia's sons, forced to leave; moreover, it represents the helplessness felt before the oppression exercised by the coloniser and the unassuming, silent acceptance of rules which don't belong to us. It is an intimist being, Sukicastiat, which lives feeding on these sons whom it represents, devours them and burns their future down.
It represents a boorish tradition, far from the real Sardinian culture. It tends to exalt our island with pride, but forgetting the Sardinian grandeur, history and culture, to finally die in a silent and blind pantomime surrounded by that sea, which makes the island an adrift raft.


From the acid factories of the electronic underground, through the devastated and pure nature of Sardina, an explosion of rage and dark melancholy transforms electronic to a cinematic orchestra.

Let's the æternal journey starts...

Dark Ambient Cinematic Electronic Music from Sardinia

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Gabriella Floris

Some afternoons I find myself moving all my books, my golden frames and changing the sofa and table arrangements. Sometimes I change the shower curtain because I feel the colour red more colourful, but than I change my mind again. And in the bathroom I place the paintings. Luckily the light is marvellous together with the mess.

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